It’s Jan. 29, 2020 and a new coronavirus is spreading mass panic. There have been 106 deaths accounted and thousands infected worldwide. 

Compare that to the flu which on average kills 12,000 to 50,000 a year in the US alone!

So why the mass hysteria? After all coronavirus infections are common and typically lead to the common cold. They may cause other more serious illnesses but it’s rare. 

For one, it’s the media, social media and people not getting educated on what it truly is. 

So it got me thinking what are some misconceptions about web or app development. Here are some of the top of my head:

  • Custom software development costs are astronomical
  • Bug-free software should be possible
  • The more the features, the better.
  • Porting an app shouldn’t be too hard.
  • More hands-on-deck equals faster results.
  • Once you’ve finished building your website or app, it’s time to rest!
  • Building a website is easy
  • Having a great website alone will generate enough traffic

I’ll expand on these in a later post. If you think of any that I missed, let me know!