Resuelve is a debt settlement company that started operations in September of 2009. Resuelve’s objective is to aid people who were not able to settle their financial debts. They do this by enrolling people in their program in which clients pay monthly installments towards their debt and Resuelve negotiates with the banks discounts of up to 50%. Resuelve program allows people to go back to being debt free.

The Problem

As a debt settlement company, Resuelve’s main problem was motivating people to continue its program and seeing to completion. Because of this, they were looking for a way to communicate information to their clients in a friendly, easy and graphic format. Many of their clients are not highly educated, so they wanted a simple, graphical interface to keep track of their progress and encourage them to complete the program.

Our experience with Bound State Software has been great and we will not think twice about working with them in the future.

Javier Velasquez, CEO at Resuelve tu Deuda

The Solution

We created a web application that allows Resuelve’s clients to login and view their progress in real time through a visually appealing, dynamic dashboard. The system also emails them a copy of the report every 15 days. The application integrates with Resuelve’s Quickbase database and does various calculations in order to show valuable information to the user. Furthermore, we also created an administrator panel, where Resuelve is able to manage its users, send emails and view their client’s reports.

The Results

Throughout the development, we worked closely with Resuelve’s management to make their idea come to fruition. It involved a lot of communication back and forth in order to capture their exact vision. The end product gave Resuelve another competitive advantage resulting in a higher company value, client retention and acquisition.