Spence Diamonds is North America’s most unique chain of engagement ring stores. They offer their customers almost every engagement ring that has ever been designed.

The Problem

Because of the large number of custom rings they offer, they needed a better way for people to browse and discover them. Their main competitors had iPhone apps that showcased their few products, so Spence was very keen in creating a simple, yet elegant app that would allow them to compete. Because each ring is custom made, the prices and information on each style are subject to change. This presented a problem for Spence because they needed to have an iPhone app that would show all their styles with their most accurate and up-to-date information.

The Solution

In order to provide their customers with this information they decided to release an iPhone app that was able to be updatable through a web interface. The iPhone app would allow for users to browse their vast number of rings, and view important information about them. Meanwhile, this information would be kept up to date and synced with their internal systems.

Initially, we worked closely with them to design and implement the iPhone app. Through numerous iterations, we were able to capture Spence Diamond’s brand and main message. The app includes the ability to filter and search for rings based on style and price. Users can also save rings to their favorites and share them with their friends on Facebook. The app allows for users to find locations through an easy to use interface thanks to the Maps Integration which locates all stores in North America. While viewing each location users can view the store’s information and make appointments. Lastly, the app contains a dynamic ring sizer” which allows users to find their ring size.

Once the app was released, we worked with their IT department to create an interface that would allow them to update, delete and add ring styles to their current app. Our web app allows them to easily add a new version to the app by uploading a CSV file exported from their Point of Sales System. Through the easy to use interface, Spence staff can import a CSV, view the changes that will take place and publish a new version to the app. They can also change and add new images for every ring. On the mobile side, the app automatically updates the data for the user and only asks to download the images. This way, it makes the process much faster and reduces the amount of data used during the automatic updates.

The Results

As a result of our solution, Spence Diamonds is getting much more attention through a new distribution channel. The number of downloads for the app averaged about 250 per month in 2011. Furthermore, now with their new content management web interface, they will be able to easily update their information and keep their app relevant for years to come.