Bel-Tech Construction Ltd is a growing construction company which provides construction and professional services for wireless communication sites. They engage clients in different regions of Canada including British Columbia and Alberta.

The Problem

This was the second time we worked with Bel-Tech. They approached us again because their engineering partner company conducts site inspections on telecommunication sites and they thought this process could be improved. 

The inspections involve reviewing the site’s current status and making recommendations to improve site safety. Bel-Tech uses MS Excel to create the reports that are generated as a result of these inspections. The process involves lots of manual re-entry, copying and pasting, and manipulation of digital images. These reports are then mailed to the client and also emailed. The recommendations are usually not followed up until the next inspection and when they are not completed it affects the safety of these sites. 

The ultimate intent of the project was to create a system that would allow Bel-Tech to create inspections more efficiently, manage them better and give Bel-Tech’s client a way to keep track of all their inspections and recommendations.

The Solution

The solution we created for Bel-Tech was a web app that allows them to manage all their client contacts as well as create and send inspections electronically. The system was built incrementally with Bel-Tech providing feedback after each phase. The main design goal was to be able to quickly create a new inspection, modify it and view the changes instantly. This new system makes this possible. 

The system allows Bel-Tech to better organize each individual inspection. They can use reuse content, reorder sections, and keep track of each recommendation. The system saves them time by automatically resizing images and placing them in the document appropriately. It has all the flexibility you would want from MS Word but with the powerful add-on functionality of a web application. On the client’s side, clients can access all their inspections and outstanding recommendations. Every important piece of information such as images, drawings and other files are easily accessible with a click of a button.

The Result

This new unique system makes Bel-Tech stand out above other engineering firms by providing a system for its clients to better manage and see the progress of the inspections and recommendations. Furthermore, this system will standardize and expedite the process of creating these reports going forward. The system will serve as a centralized place to store historical construction and safety information on each site along with its recommendations. From there, Bel-Tech will also be able to provide its clients with important information such as which regions, sites, and contractors tend to have the most deficiencies.