4Play Telecom is a Mexican telecommunications company. They provide phone services to businesses in Mexico City.

The Problem

As a start up, 4Play Telecom was trying to differentiate itself from its competition. One of the ways to do that was to give its clients a clearer view and offer higher transparency billing. Because 4Play provides phone services from various providers, it needed a way to reconcile all these into one system. All their information was hosted on their internal SAP system, so they needed a way for its clients to access it from an external source. Furthermore, in order for the new system to actually be used, it needed to offer value and be informative to its clients while still being intuitive to use, and visually appealing.

We have been working with [the people at Bound State Software] for the past 2 years. We have received top quality work always in time. The visual interface is beautiful while the code is perfectly structured. We consider them a valued and critical business partner in our path towards achieving triple digit growth and delivering exceptional service to our customers.

Adrián F Aguirre-Palme, Founder & CEO at Play Telecom

The Solution

We worked closely with 4Play through various iterations to create the new system. We developed a web based billing system which allows users to view their previous bills through a web interface.

The application involves different graphical views and real-time drill down queries that allow 4Play’s clients to easily get valuable reports on their phone billing. Clients can also view the different billing options on the services provided by 4Play. All features are very graphical and interactive.

Besides creating a system for its clients, we gave 4Play the ability to manage users and view reports across all their clients. Lastly, because all the information is pull from their SAP system, it is easy maintainable from one centralized place. The new system just serves as a way to display all the information in a graphical, coherent way.

The Results

Two years after the creation of the system, 4Play has grown dramatically as a company and has established itself as one of the main phone service providers in Mexico City. Their billing system has served as a major competitive advantage when establishing new clientele