4Play Telecom is a Mexican telecommunications company. They provide phone services to businesses in Mexico City. The company has been undergoing a constant growth for the last 2 years and because of this their customer support tasks have increased dramatically. In order to start servicing its clients better, it began using a ticketing system within their SAP infrastructure.

The Problem

4Play Telecom found the SAP ticketing system to be very time consuming and confusing. Furthermore, it was not very flexible and not easily accessible outside the office. Because they wanted to improve their customer service, it was essential for the system to be easily accessible outside the office. In addition to, they wanted their clients to create their own tickets thus improving client support while decreasing the time it took to service these. They were spending too much time servicing clients and entering the newly acquired information. Their goal was to decrease the time spent on these issues while providing a better customer experience.

We have been working with [the people at Bound State Software] for the past 2 years. We have received top quality work always in time. The visual interface is beautiful while the code is perfectly structured. We consider them a valued and critical business partner in our path towards achieving triple digit growth and delivering exceptional service to our customers.

Adrián F Aguirre-Palme, Founder & CEO at Play Telecom

The Solution

To overcome these problems, our company designed and created a new web application that integrated with their current SAP system. This new web application was designed for usability and simplicity. The application allows 4Play and its clients to easily login from any remote location. More importantly, it saves the staff incredible amounts of time by providing easy and quick ways to find specific tickets and activities. Furthermore, it allows them to easily see just the tickets and activities that matter to them. 4Play now can visually see the progress of tickets at a glance.

On top of improving the current SAP functionality, the new application added new features. The new application allows for the staff to attach files to an activity and make comments. The staff can also export all activities and tickets to MS Excel for added flexibility for manipulating the data.

From a client’s perspective, through the addition of this new interface, 4Play has made it incredibly easy to login and see the progress of their tickets and activities. Not only that, clients now have a way to access a knowledge base full of solutions to the most common problems. This knowledge base eliminates the redundant tasks that the support staff previously had to do.

The Results

4Play is already seeing the benefits of using a simple to use system that’s both easily accessible to their staff and clients. Their process has become more streamlined and manageable to support 4Play’s future growth.