You are unsure how to tackle a problem or feel there is an opportunity to use the web to engage your members, drive more donations and spread your organization’s message. The problem? You are stuck on where to start and are unsure about what direction to take.

Software projects are notorious for falling outside their scope, failing to meet a budget and to be completed on time. Why? A lack of forethought, undefined or ambiguous goals, and poorly implemented business strategy.

Our strategy workshop sessions are the integral first step to helping you deliver your projects in scope, on time, and within budget.

Is this right for your organization?

Our clients come to us when they are stuck because they don’t know what to build. It’s an important project, they are having a hard time getting everyone on the same page and are not quite sure what the project might look like.

Session outcomes

Our workshop helps your organization to define what you are going to build. The session guides your team through a robust, step-by-step system for kicking off projects. It puts the focus on the challenge you are trying to solve rather than how you go about solving it. It provides clear direction and helps teams come together. The result? Better outcomes and less money spent on failed lunches.

By the end of the process, you will understand how the new solution would integrate with the rest of your organization. Having explored all of the options, you will arrive at a version of the solution that has been agreed upon by all the stakeholders. This provides clarity and cohesiveness moving forward.

Let’s get your organization unstuck

Is there something keeping you up at night, are unsure how to tackle a problem or feel there is an opportunity, share it with us and we can discuss how we might use our strategy workshop to help your organization get unstuck and achieve better results.

If this sounds like something your organization could benefit from and want to learn more, get in touch.