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Tired of dealing with hard to use, slow, unreliable systems? Have you’ve been wasting thousands of man-hours on mundane tasks? Are you frustrated with enterprise systems that rather than help create more work for everyone?

Make your company more productive than ever. Companies from different industries are using software every day to run profitable, frustration free businesses - and you can too! We build and maintain enterprise software that growing companies rely on to drive revenue and efficiency.

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Finding an alternative to MS Access
Production Management Database

Imagine having your business rely on a 15 year old database that can break at any moment? A system engraved into your business through years of customizations and improvements.

This is the situation Western Urethane was in. A lot of effort had gone into their system through the years and it was a scary thing to replace it. How do you turn over a new leaf and replace key systems without having your business miss a beat?

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Enterprise software to help your business win

You can stop struggling with the grunt work and the boring admin stuff. We create the systems that delight your employees and let your company cruise along worry-free, saving millions along the way. Improve your operations throughout the organization. See your company grow while the competition struggles.

Increase Productivity

Reduce Costs

Foster Information Sharing

Real-time Data

Better Data Quality

Common business software types and their uses

We create business apps to suite your unique business. Apps that automate processes,  support internal teams, and make your work easier.


Invoicing and billing made simple. Create professional invoices in seconds and send them with click of a button. Let your clients pay you online and get paid faster.

Job Costing & Budgeting

Collect and analyze costs to manage current operations and plan for the future. Create budgets and forecasts based on running totals. Get custom dashboards and entry screens to match your exact workflow.


Make your purchasing and expense workflow easier and faster. Cut paperwork, increase transaction time and make spending more transparent. Purchasing software let's you generate, approve, and receive purchase orders.

Inventory Management

Ditch your spreadsheets and hard-copy forms. Track inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries through intuitive web and mobile interfaces. Avoid overstock and outages by knowing exactly what is going on.

Order Processing

Manage the complete process from point of sales to delivery. Increase efficiency, reduce bottlenecks and react to customer order changes fast.


Stop scrambling every pay period, and stay up to the minute with all hours worked. Increase productivity by finding which tasks lead to wasted time. Time tracking apps let employees enter the time they've spent on tasks and projects. Supervisors can approve or reject them and view real time reports on all hours worked.

Project Management

Plan, organize, and manage every aspect of your projects. Project management software can contain different modules. Modules which help with estimating, planning, scheduling, costing, budgeting, communication and documentation.

Field Service Management

Manage your mobile workforce. Forecast work orders and plan the number and expertise of staff needed. Assigning work orders to particular technicians. Empower your field workers with data in real-time. Connect your field workforce with your dispatching team.

Customer Support

Delight your customers with state-of-the-art support systems. Keep track of incidents and requests from your customers. See how responsive your team is. Manage your customer's information along with their interaction with you. Improve business relationship and drive sales.

Employee Scheduling 

Automate the tedious process of creating and maintaining a schedule. Increase productivity while also tracking vacation time, sick time and compensation time. Mobile scheduling can further increase scheduling productivity and cut inefficient scheduling steps


We bring together the data you need to power real-time dashboards. 

Document Management

Reduce paper by tracking, managing and storing documents digitally. History tracking let's you keep track of a document's different versions.