We Make Software that’s Meant to Be Used

For a full understanding of how we think about our systems, solutions, and software, come along with us into Physics Geek Land for just a moment.

We named our company after a physics term: “bound state” describes a situation in which a particle acts on another in such a way that the second particle becomes stable. A really simple example of a bound state is your run-of-the-mill hydrogen atom. A proton and electron move separately, excitedly, unconnected. When the electron starts to orbit the proton, they create a bound state: hydrogen.

Separately, they are unstable. Together, they become stable. They work together. That’s why we named our company after this bit of physics geekery. We create systems that work with others to function at a higher level. We create stability and efficiency. We create fundamental states of being that work reliably under all circumstances. We create a state of simplicity that is easy to understand and interact with.

Over the years, we’ve added a few extra tenets to our company’s values.

We Disagree

We won’t always agree with you. We’re not yes-men. We’ll always do everything in our power to give you what you want, but we want to be sure it’s done right.

We Improve

Technology moves fast, and we’re not going to let our clients fall behind because we were too lazy to do our research. We keep up with the latest ideas, and we bring those ideas straight to you.

We Strive

We’ve never wanted to play it safe. We love the clients who can bring us a complicated challenge. We want to come up with the innovative solution that no one else could. That’s how we stay on top.

We Care

We respect our colleagues and our clients, and we take their ideas and their desires seriously. We care about their success, and we celebrate with them when they achieve greatness.

We See It Through

We deliver quality solutions with high value, but we don’t consider our work done at that point. We’ll stand by you to make sure your solutions keep pace with your business’ growth.

Not everything we are can be described by Bound State. But it’s where everything we do begins.

Martin Cacace

Before co-founding Bound State, Martin was a systems analyst at a local software consulting firm, where he successfully helped design solutions to improve small and medium businesses. He learned a lot, but he had his own ideas about how he wanted to approach his relationship with customers, and he banded together with a fellow tech devotee to create a company that fit the vision we just described above.

Martin was born in Argentina, educated at UBC, and probably spends a little too much of his free time watching movie trailers. He speaks both Spanish and English fluently, and enjoys cooking, soccer, and tennis.

Mike Peters

Before Bound State, Mike learned quite a lot about the trials and tribulations of freelance life. He worked his way through UNBC as a freelance web developer, and went on to become the lead developer at a local software company in Vancouver. When the excitement of helping that company succeed wore off, he teamed up with Martin to try out entrepreneurship. A thrill-seeker at heart, Mike’s the one who gets excited about the impossible challenges our clients regularly put in front of us

Mike loves anything to do with the outdoors, so you’ll often find him out hiking, running, swimming, or going on some other crazy adventure. In his tamer moments, he enjoys ballroom dancing.