What is Bound State?

Bound state is a physics term describing a special state formed by particles, such as a proton & electron in a hydrogen atom. We create software that work with others to function at a higher level. We create stability & efficiency. We create a state of simplicity that is easy to interact with.

We Disagree

We speak up when necessary to make sure you get the best product possible.

We Improve

We keep up with the latest ideas, and we bring those ideas straight to you.

We Strive

We relish a challenge and always strive for an innovative solution.

We Care

We care about your success, and take your ideas and requirements seriously.

We See It Through

We’ll stand by you to make sure your solutions keep pace with your business’ growth.

Martin Cacace


Before co-founding Bound State, Martin was a systems analyst at a local software consulting firm, where he designed solutions to improve small and medium businesses. He started his own company to fulfill his vision and build strong customer relations.

Martin was born in Argentina, educated at UBC, and spends a little too much free time watching movie trailers. He speaks Spanish & English fluently, and enjoys cooking, soccer, and tennis.

Mike Peters


Before Bound State, Mike developed his skills at UNBC and through freelance work. He went on to become the lead developer at a Vancouver software company. A thrill-seeker at heart, Mike enjoys the impossible challenges our clients regularly put in front of us.

Mike loves anything to do with the outdoors, so you’ll often find him out hiking, running, swimming, or going on some other crazy adventure. In his tamer moments he enjoys ballroom dancing.

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