We build nonprofit websites that make staff, volunteers, and donors happy

When your one-person IT department is also wearing multiple other hats, you need simple solutions that take work off of already-full plates. We’ll collaborate with you and design custom, fool-proof websites that meet your organization’s every need. We’re intentionally small and flexible and favour a simple, uncomplicated process to quickly zero in priorities and get things done.

We build websites that help nonprofits collect more donations, connect with donors and volunteers, and spread their message even further. With our help, your organization will reach new levels of efficiency, freeing up staff time, volunteer hours, and donor dollars. But we don’t pretend to be everything to everyone. Nonprofits come to us when they are trying to launch complex projects that are mission critical for their growing organization. 

If your project fits any of the descriptions below, then we would love to hear from you!

  • You have outgrown your in-house, DIY solution and need something more robust

  • You have an existing website that you are embarrassed to send people to, visitors don’t take action, no one can find information and making changes is a nightmare 

  • You have a legacy application that is not serving your organization anymore 

  • You have a paper process that is time-consuming and unscalable

  • You have multiple solutions and data that needs to be integrated

  • You need a better, more streamlined way to communicate or operate internally

I can’t tell you how much I love the new site. I save so much time moving animals and sponsors around. It’s excellent... [+]
Ali Schumann
Vice President, SAINTS Rescue