Websites for nonprofits with tons of work to do. And not enough people to do it.

We build nonprofit websites that let you scale, grow, and raise more money. Without doing more work.

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It’s time your website pulled its weight.

When your one-person IT department is also head of communications, you don’t need a website that makes work. You need a website that does work for you.

We’ll quickly zero in on your priorities and build a website that helps you collect more donations, connect with your members, and communicate your impact.

Scale your nonprofit securely.

Seamless and secure donor platforms increase donations without increasing workload.

Let your members self-serve.

Save staff time and reduce emails with a portal that allows members to manage their own profiles.

Bring your website into the 21st century.

Increase usability (and reduce complaints!) with clear navigation and flow, easy-to-find information, and modern design.


How SAINTS raised more money. Without doing more work.

With a scaled-up website that better engages visitors, they’re driving more donations without campaigns or any unnecessary hand-holding.

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A website that makes an impact

We’ll build your website with all the features your nonprofit could ever need.

How we get it right

One word: collaboration. Bring us your roadblocks, headaches, and frustrations. Paint us a picture of the dream. Then together, we’ll make it real.

Step 1


We dig into your current work and website frustrations— and your goals for what work could be like when you’ve got tech on your side.

Step 2


Through in-depth audits, assessments, and project planning, we define exactly what success looks like for you—then plan for it.

Step 3


We start with mockups and prototypes for you. Test them with real users at every step of the way. Then, when it’s perfect, we build it!


From the beginning, I felt that SAINTS concerns were clearly understood and was impressed with the creative but practical solutions proposed

Why Bound State?

Partnering with Bound State gives you access to a small but passionate team of techies. Who happen to be great humans. And value your work. A lot.

We Speak Human

We understand this might be your first foray into the app world. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process and take the time to listen, get to know you and talk to you in layman’s terms.

We Stick To Budgets

We understand non-profits have limited budgets and have to be careful how you spend your funds. By focusing on outcomes, not features, we eliminate surprises and provide the most value for your budget.

We Care

We care about your success and the impact you’re making in the world. We’ll learn about your vision and stand by you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Nonprofit is all we do

We used to work for just anyone. Now, we only serve nonprofit organizations, like yours.

We partner with you. Learn how you work now. And listen as you explain the busy work, roadblocks, and limitations your team faces. Then, we build you the website you need to smooth them all over. 

So you can create change more effectively. 

And with fewer tech headaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our designs adapt to all screen sizes and orientations and we test your site before launching to make sure it works and looks good everywhere. We also optimize images, reduce code size, and minimize dependencies and plugins to make sure your website runs smoothly.

We typically bill per project or main feature. We work based on a budget and together we ensure we stick to the number we provided. We allow flexibility to make changes while not affecting the end budget, too. And maintenance and support are billed hourly unless it’s a big request.

Yes! We have experience designing and implementing websites that are accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities. We’ve even given presentations through NTEN in the past. We’ll work with you to establish the level of compliance you need, then meet it by adding tools like screen readers, keyboard navigation, assistive technologies, transcripts, and more.

Yes! We can either embed your donation form or create a custom integration.

Yes! In fact, most of our projects involve integration. We can talk about specifics during our software consultation call.

Yes! We’ll work with your team to identify all the different groups of people who will need to use your site, and figure out the access they need. This can absolutely include things like a members-only portal!

Yes! Typically, that’s no problem at all.

While we don’t offer SEO services, we do follow design and technical best practices so that your site can be found easily by search engines. Specifically, we’ll use clear navigation, mobile optimization, well-structured URLs, image optimization and compression, fast hosting, schemas, and more to help search engines understand the structure and content of your website.

We take data security and privacy very seriously. We work with you to understand what level of compliance you require, then make sure your website is compliant. Standard practices include sanitizing inputs so no harmful data is entered, setting up strict data access and logic controls, and securing APIs so that no sensitive data is exposed. But this list isn’t exhaustive, so we’ll do more if your organization requires it!

You’ll receive documentation on how to use it and if you want to go beyond that, we can certainly provide hands-on training! But typically, our nonprofit partners don’t find it necessary.

Yes! We’re always just an email away. All of our clients have access to us for anything that comes up or to discuss enhancements. We offer different levels of support depending on your organization's needs. 

Don’t push paper. Move mountains.

Inefficient workflows weigh your team down. Good tech lightens the load. Book a free 30-minute software consultation call to see how our team can support yours.

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