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Our apps delight customers, support internal teams and provide a competitive edge.

Helping SAINTS engage visitors and drive donations

Senior Animals in Need Today Society (SAINTS) is an established non-profit rescue that provides care and sanctuary for senior and special needs animals. 

“I can’t tell you how much I love the new site. I save so much time moving animals and sponsors around. It’s excellent!”

Ali Schumann, SAINTS Rescue
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Bringing the Utility Industry to the 21st Century

A user friendly, cross platform work order management solution for the Utility industry. The application provides Cayenta with a new competitive advantage and a core offering.

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Finding a reliable alternative to MS Access

WUS replaced their old, unreliable MS Access database with our web based solution. They now manage all their production data through a custom web application.

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Creating a Virtual Accounting Department for Small Businesses

A web portal for bookkeeping clients to submit their receipts and securely receive financial statements. We helped turn their idea into a full-fledged SaaS accounting business.

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First Aid Motion Picture Site Assessments

First aid assessment app developed to help the motion picture industry carry out first aid site assessments before filming begins.

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First Aid Assessment Tool

A first aid assessment web app developed for FARSHA to assist agriculture employers in BC with determining the first aid requirements for the workplace.

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Equipment Safety Inspection

Android and iPhone app that allows BC farmers to capture and store equipment safety inspections.

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iPhone Content Management

Spence had an iPhone app that let people discover rings on the go. We created a web interface which let non-technical users update the app’s content.

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Ticketing System

Our app helps PlayTelecom deliver great customer service. PlayTelecom and their clients can easily manage support tickets and ensure no tickets go unsolved.

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Salmon Tagging Database

Custom web application that allows NPAFC to update their salmon tagging information and makes the database available to the public for querying.

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Debt Settlement Dashboard

An online client portal that allows Resuelve’s clients to track their progress via a real time, visually appealing dashboard.

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Telecom Billing System

Online client portal that allows 4Play’s staff and clients to manage and view their telephony expenditures.

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Site Inspection Manager

Web app to create and manage inspections efficiently. The app provides a client portal that allows Bel-Tech’s client to keep rack of all their site inspections.

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Saving coaches' sanity and keeping their team well organized

Ballhop is a mobile app that makes it a breeze to share your team’s schedule, see who is coming and message the team.

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Coaching automobile shops towards profitability

A web-based automobile shop diagnostics platform that helps shop owners improve productivity and profitability. 

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