About AgSafe

AgSafe is dedicated to enhancing safety within the BC Agriculture Industry. Their mission is to cultivate a safe and healthy work environment through extensive outreach, education, training, and consultation across all regions of the province.

Identifying the Hurdles

AgSafe faced a challenge in accurately recording their activities for insightful reporting and ensuring prompt and accurate compensation for consultants. Initially utilizing Sage CRM, it proved overwhelming and non-intuitive for their team, leading to data entry bottlenecks. The inability to access the system on-the-go further compounded the issue, prompting a need for a more streamlined solution.

Additionally, their existing system lacked crucial functionalities, such as approval processes and efficient data handling for their extensive database, causing confusion and inefficiencies.

Our Approach

Understanding the constraints and user experience was paramount. We delved into their workflow, identifying pain points and envisioning an ideal user interface. Extensive user testing refined our designs and features, shaping a solution that streamlined activity submission and approval while ensuring robust reporting capabilities.

Leveraging Firebase for offline functionality and Algolia for seamless search, we maintained a responsive and efficient system, even with a vast amount of records.

Feature Highlights

  • Efficient Data Handling: Smooth handling of thousands of records, ensuring a snappy user experience and efficient searching using Algolia’s powerful platform.

  • Seamless Offline Access: Our system remains responsive even in remote areas with limited connectivity, thanks to the effective use of Firebase for offline capabilities.

  • Flexible Activity Workflow: Users can input data in a way that suits their workflow, promoting ease of use and saving drafts without immediate submission.

  • Smart Change Management: Implementing bulk update and employer merge features, simplifying the integration of new data and resolving duplicates.

Lessons Learned

Migrating old data was a significant challenge, requiring meticulous organization and validation due to data irregularities. Overcoming this hurdle was time-intensive but essential for a successful transition.

Future Outlook

Driven by positive user feedback, we’re committed to continuous improvement and capturing key information that enables AgSafe to quantify their impact effectively through various offerings.