ActSafe partners with B.C.’s entertainment industries to keep workers safe. Actsafe’s mission, in collaboration with B.C.’s motion picture and performing arts industries, is to provide innovative, accessible health and safety training and resources.

Key Challenges

ActSafe noticed that most of the industry failed at appropriately conducting first aid assessments for each work site. The main reason was because they are tedious to do, and they didn’t know how to do them correctly. Because of the language used in these assessments created by WorkSafe BC, the average employee did not have the knowledgeable to know when and how to make the appropriate assessment. When ActSafe first contacted us, they estimated, approximately 10% of the industry conducted these important first aid assessments.

First Aid Assessments are supposed to be carried out for every new working site and they need to be completed prior to working on the site. Once work has began at one site, it is technically too late to fill out the first aid assessment and have the needed first aid requirements. 


We always felt like an important client and they were able to provide advice and multiple solutions to almost every request we made


In order to facilitate the assessment process we created an online tool that walks the user through a series of simple questions and results in a PDF with the first aid requirements for that site. Because the intended users didn’t know much about safety regulations or the process of carrying out first aid assessment, the tool was designed to be very easy to use and understand while encouraging its completion. We accomplished this through simple visual cues, a clean design and displaying only relevant information based on progress and data input.

Furthermore, in order to track the success of this new initiative, we tracked completion metrics including dropoffs from one step to the next.


The application was well received from ActSafe’s board and members. It is now available through ActSafe’s website.