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Run your organization better. With a custom workflow app.

Delete your broken spreadsheets. Move on from programs you use but don’t like. And let go of your members’ hands. Custom app development makes it all possible.

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What could you do if busy work wasn’t holding you back?

Scale your organization

We build your workflow app for longevity and scalability. Because when you stop starting over, you get more done. That means no more broken spreadsheets, manual data entry, or key info locked in one person’s desk.

Simplify your workflows

If your one-person IT department is also the head of need to take work off plates! We support the ways your team already works. Saving you from clunky software transitions—and annoying tech limitations.

Serve more people

Inefficient workflows weigh your team down. But custom workflow apps lighten the load. That means letting your best people get back to doing their best work. And giving staff time, volunteer hours, and donor dollars back to the cause.


1% for the Planet grew their impact without any wasted time.

A custom workflow app reduced back-and-forth emails and let their members self-serve.

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What do you mean by custom workflow app?

An app is a type of software you access through your web browser. Like Zoom or Slack. 

We design apps that streamline the way your nonprofit works. And the end result is, well,custom. Like what you'd get if Slack and Asana and SalesForce came together and built something that knew your team so well it freaked them out a little!

How we build your app

One word: collaboration. Bring us your roadblocks, headaches, and frustrations. Paint us a picture of the dream. Then together, we’ll make it real.

Step 1


We dig into your current work and website frustrations— and your goals for what work could be like when you’ve got tech on your side.

Step 2


Through in-depth audits, assessments, and project planning, we define exactly what success looks like for you—then plan for it.

Step 3


We start with mockups and prototypes for you. Test them with real users at every step of the way. Then, when it’s perfect, we build it!


Bound State gives great attention to our needs, not just our asks. They do a wonderful job clarifying and presenting options, so that we can really sort through the best solutions that drive the outcomes and KPIs that we’re focused on. They provide creative solutions that address both technical hurdles and UX challenges

Why Bound State?

Partnering with Bound State gives you access to a small but passionate team of techies. Who happen to be great humans. And value your work. A lot.

We Speak Human

We understand this might be your first foray into the app world. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process and take the time to listen, get to know you and talk to you in layman’s terms.

We Stick To Budgets

We understand non-profits have limited budgets and have to be careful how you spend your funds. By focusing on outcomes, not features, we eliminate surprises and provide the most value for your budget.

We Care

We care about your success and the impact you’re making in the world. We’ll learn about your vision and stand by you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

About us

Meet your partners in tech

We’re a small-but-mighty team of passionate planet-loving tech geeks with over 30 years of experience creating apps between us and 10+ years serving nonprofits like yours. But you can call us Martin and Mike!

We believe in helping the helpers. So while you focus on making the world a better place, we work hard to make your world a better place.

Meet Bound State

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, all we need is an idea of what you’re struggling with work-wise. Or, what your hopes and dreams for future work processes are. From there, we’ll work with you to clarify what you need and what your project will look like.

We know you have limited resources so don’t want to commit and make a mistake. We also understand it’s a big undertaking to adopt new technology! So we want to be 100% sure we’re building something that will solve your problems.

To do that, we help you mitigate risk by focusing on the most important problems you need us to solve first. Then, we deliver simple, value-driven solutions. We also involve your key stakeholders early and often. And, we test prototypes with them!

Yes! First, book a software consultation call. Then, during your call, we’ll help you organize your thoughts and create a strong case for your idea. We’ll also help you articulate your problems and all the ways a custom app can solve them.

We typically bill per project or main feature. We work based on a budget and together we ensure we stick to the number we provided. We allow flexibility to make changes while not affecting the end budget, too. And maintenance and support are billed hourly unless it’s a big request.

Yes! We engage in limited-scope statements of work. This way, we can do enough work to drive the needle for your organization while making sure we don’t break the bank. Reach out to see what’s possible within your current budget.

Making something user-friendly means reducing frustration because frustration can stop your team from completing their goals—or using your app altogether! To avoid that, we take the time to understand your team and how this tool fits into their daily work life. Then, we have them test it to make sure we got it right.

We also focus on organizing information in intuitive ways that make sense to people and allow them to easily get from point A to point B. And, we follow best practices like streamlining information and options.

Yes! In fact, most of our projects involve integration. We can talk about specifics during our software consultation call.

In our testing environment, we test any and all features before they go live—and we invite you to test them, too. We also create specific tests to make sure the critical parts of your app function well before we launch. And if and when a bug is found, we respond swiftly! Especially if they’re critical ones.

We take data security and privacy very seriously. We work with you to understand what level of compliance you require, then make sure your app is compliant. Standard practices include sanitizing inputs so no harmful data is entered, setting up strict data access and logic controls, and securing APIs so that no sensitive data is exposed. But this list isn’t exhaustive, so we’ll do more if your organization requires it!

You’ll receive documentation on how to use the system. If you want to go beyond that, we can certainly provide hands-on training! But typically, our nonprofit partners don’t find it necessary.

Yes! We’re always just an email away. All of our clients have access to us for anything that comes up or to discuss enhancements.

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