You might be thinking — What competitors? I’m a non-profit, we are all in this together. 

The reality is that your donors are always deciding what to do with their money. Whether that is to donate to your cause, to a different one or worst not to donate at all. So it’s important to recognize what the alternatives are for your target donors. 

Knowing your competitors is key to figuring out what sets your organization apart and how you will go about showing that on your website and other marketing channels. 

If you are starting to look at redesigning a website, it can be really useful to look at 3 competitors and see what they are doing and taking some notes :

* What do I like (or dislike) about the look and feel of the sites

* What are some cool features they implemented

* How easy is it to navigate? How is information organized?

* How are they capturing new leads? How tightly is social media integrated?

* How are they taking donations? Are they on-site or redirected off their site?