Should I invest in custom software? Does my business really need it? Will I see benefits from it? Chances are you may be asking yourself one or all of these questions. Well you are in luck! In this post I’ll tell you some of the reasons why we love custom software and why your business will too!

We love custom software :)

A word of caution: deciding on the type of software will ultimately depend on what your business’s needs and goals are. We develop custom software, but if there is something out there is close to what you need right out of the box, we recommend you try it before ruling it out. However when the right circumstance calls for it custom software can provide great benefits.

Perfect fit

Because the software is built for your business and its processes, it will improve and complement your current process perfectly. You get to decide how things should behave and what kind of information you would like to see. You avoid having to work around software limitations to make your process work which makes your business more efficient and helps reduce headaches.

Long term value

Although in some cases the initial cost of custom software might be more than software as a service (i.e. on demand software), it provides a longer value. You know that the system will still be around and keep working without any updates or maintenance or subscription upgrades. It is an investment that will be with you for a long time.

Pay for just the features you need

Custom means you get to decide what goes into your new software! You have complete control on what features will be implemented. You can decide which items are more important and allocate a larger part of the budget on them while reducing the budget on items of least importance.

Immediate fixes and enhancements

With custom software, it is highly likely that the developer can make fixes and enhancements almost immediately. In contrast, with off-the-shelf or software as service, you don’t have the ability to make certain changes or bug fixes at will. Your voice is lost in the crowd. With a custom software option you have complete control. However, it is extremly important to have good developer who will be available and be devoted to making sure your software works for you. 

Controlled investment in updates and enhancements

In a custom software, you can decide when to update your system. You don’t have to worry about your system no longer being supported or new updates interrupting your workflow or your set up not being compatible with new versions. 

These are some of the reasons why we love custom software. It might not fit every situation, but when it does it can provide some great benefits for you company. Let me know what other things you like about custom software below!