You don’t want busy work. You want to change the world.

Streamline your workflows. Simplify your data management. And automate tasks your team used to do the hard way. With custom workflow apps and websites.

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Imagine the difference your nonprofit could make

If clunky programs, confusing data, and endless emails weren’t slowing you down… Imagine the difference your nonprofit could make!

We free nonprofit teams from busy work with custom software development. So you can put volunteer hours and donor dollars back into the cause. And get back to the work you came together to do!


Apps that make more happen with less.

For nonprofits who want to track data automatically, work more efficiently, and save a lot of time.

Free your team from busy work

Websites that make a bigger impact

For nonprofits looking to increase donor dollars or improve their website experience for everyone who uses it

Do more with your website

Good tech makes all the difference

See how teams like yours are swapping busywork for seamless, scalable systems.

1% for the Planet

Directory & Member’s Portal

Member’s portal and directory that helps automate many areas while delivering great customer experience.



The AthleteHUB app is a streamlined, accessible platform aimed at empowering senior national athletes by centralizing diverse resources to enhance their sports journey.



Designed to reduce workplace injuries among agricultural temporary foreign workers in Canada, this innovative app offers a comprehensive educational platform available in both Spanish and English to enhance their understanding of health, safety practices, and rights.


We create nonprofit software. So you can create change

We used to work for just anyone. Now, we only serve nonprofit organizations, like yours.

We partner with you. Learn how you work now. And listen as you explain the busy work, roadblocks, and limitations your team faces. Then, we build you the app or website you need to smooth them all over.

So you can create change more effectively. And with fewer tech headaches.

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Nonprofit tech inspiration and insights

Get insights into the ways nonprofits are embracing custom software. From our team of nonprofit software developers (or planet-loving tech geeks, for short).

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