Websites are the heart of a nonprofit’s marketing and fundraising operations. They are where most people go to learn about an organization. As a result, your website should communicate everything someone should know about your organization, be able to process donations, convert visitors into donors, and give a powerful first impression.

Is your website falling short of meeting some of these needs?

Typically clients reach out when:

  • They’ve grown tired of old, problematic content management systems (CMS). Websites that are difficult to maintain and use. 
  • Their website is dated in terms of aesthetics. It doesn’t serve the goals and identity of the organization. 
  • Their website is hard to navigate and prevents people from finding the information they need. A confusing or poorly constructed website will frustrate viewers and cause them to minimally engage with your organization.
  • Their website’s experience on mobile is not great and its performance is lacking
  • Looking to highlight new content and drive more donations. If people decide to engage with your organization online and they see that you have a very outdated website, it could turn away potential contributors and create a reputation that your nonprofit is not successful.

How can we help?

We design and build modern websites for nonprofits, foundations and purpose-driven organizations. Our goal goes beyond making a good looking website, but rather we merge strategy, UX design and engineering best practices to help our clients boost fundraising, increase volunteerism, drive memberships and grow their reach.

Strategy & Goal Setting

Our process starts with a discovery and strategy session. Here we discuss your strategy and learn about your goals for the site. What problems are you trying to solve, what are you trying to accomplish and we discuss ways to get there as quickly and effectively as possible. 


  • User Interviews
  • Rapid Ideation / Design Sprints
  • Persona Development
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Product Strategy

User-Driven Design

Poor usability kills otherwise amazing websites. You could have the most beautiful website, but if your constituents find it difficult to use, you’ve got a dud on your hands. 

Usability is like oxygen. People only notice its importance when it isn’t there. 

We take the time to understand who the main users will be, what the different use cases will be and work with you to define and streamline their experience based on the goals you have for each of them. We create wireframes and mockups to test these to ensure our design assumptions are validated. 


  • UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Digital Prototyping
  • UX Design + Testing
  • Use Case Development

Agile Web Development & Expert Advice

We keep up with the latest web trends, and we bring those ideas straight to you. We will educate you on the different technology options and explain why they are a good choice.

Our highest priority is client satisfaction. We do this by delivering working software early and frequently. We welcome changing requirements to produce a better end product. We rely on meetings to share information, clarify requirements and make decisions.


  • Web Development
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Support Hosting & Maintenance